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XKLoader3 - 3rd generation plug-in OBDD2 Bluetooth® programmer The XKLoader3 uses Bluetooth® connectivity to create a powerful link between you and thousands of vehicles and consolidates multiple tools into one small device that is controlled by your smartphone or tablet.
UPC: 093207098253
Package Measurements (LxWxH):  121.00 x 51.00 x 89.00 mm
4.76 x 2.01 x 3.50"

Plug the XKLoader3 into a vehicle's OBDII port and you can now flash interfaces, program remote start systems, find vehicle wiring diagrams and install guides, and best of all troubleshoot your installation in a flash.

The XKLoader3 is compatible with all next generation technology platforms including DBALL2 and Directed Digital Systems, as well as VIP4.5 or higher.

Requires Directechs Mobile app.

App Store Download

  • Flash or configure any next generation platform from your smartphone or tablet
  • Works in place of Bitwriter and XKLoader2
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