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Nov 17 2015
Toyota "H" key firmware solution available now!

Just Released, TL10 Firmware Covers 2013+ Toyota and Scion H Key vehicles Supported Features: Immobilizer override (No key required) OEM Alarm control Control of Aftermarket Alarm w/OEM fob Auto Headlamp shutoff control Comfort and convenience features support 3X lock start supported (Directed Digital systems) Learn More Here:
Oct 29 2015
Viper SmartStart 4.0 Now Available for Android!

SmartStart 4.0 now available for android devices with support for Android wear smart watches! All new app design and functionality Faster, simpler, more intuitive interface    
Oct 9 2015
New Hyundai Firmware

New Hyundai7 2.0 firmware For 2015 Hyundai Genesis PTS vehicles Includes 3X lock Start/Stop control
Oct 9 2015
New Kia Solution!

New HK6 1.02 Firmware For the 2014 Kia Forte' Smartkey vehicles Added RSR capability
Sep 23 2015
Updated Firmware Release for Jeep Cherokee!

Chrysler8 & Chrysler 9 Firmware Loaded with Better Features and Benefits! Supports 2014+ Jeep Cherokee Regular & Smart Key! Supports 3X Lock start on DBALL2 and Directed Digital Systems Watch our youtube video here! Vehicle Takeover The CHRYSLER9 firmware features Get-In-and-Go vehicle takeover for Push-to-Start vehicles, the easiest takeover method available.  With our solution, all you need to do is enter the vehicle and drive off.  No need to press the Push-to-Start …
Jul 20 2015
3X Lock Start is back on DBALL2!

3X Lock Start is back on DBALL2! The DBALL2 now includes the most 3X Lock Start and Remote Start Ready coverage in the industry. Directed DBALL2 systems are now 3X Lock Start compatible when installed stand-alone, enabling remote start by pressing the factory transmitter's lock button three times to remote start the vehicle. No Added Cost 3XLS is built in to the DBALL2 Interface Customer-Friendly 3XLS allows customers to use the device they're familiar with. Reliable Backup Solution Even …
Jan 22 2015
Technical Bulletin - No Start Condition in D2D Mode with Entry-Level remote starters? Look Here.

No Start Condition in D2D Mode with Entry-Level remote starters Tech Bulletin Link: SUMMARY: Some entry-level remote starters (4x03, 4x05, 5x03, etc.) installed with an interface in D2D mode may experience a condition in which the remote start does not activate. SYMPTOMS: Vehicle does not remote start. If the remote starter or interface module are power cycled or the shutdown zone inputs are manually cycled (i.e. hood is opened and …
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