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Apr 18 2013
Game-Changing XPRESSSTART ONE Shipping NOW!

The next level in the evolution of remote start and security technology is here and shipping NOW. Dealers will be able to offer the all-in-one solution that is XPRSSSTART ONE, an analog and digital platform that makes it possible to have a single box that meets every need. You can keep everything in data, have a mix of data and analog, or go completely analog if required as in older cars.Go to http://www.xpresskit.com/xpressstartone/ for more information on XPRESSSTART ONE.
Feb 19 2013
AUTOMATE 7242A remote combined with XL202 in RSR not reporting adequately.

Please note that there have been some issues reported about AUTOMATE 7242A two-way remotes when used in combination with an XL202 in RSR mode.The issue resides in the XL202 firmware RFTDDEI 1.08 and 1.09 (beta). There is NOTHING wrong with the 7242A remote.With this particular combination, the remote may not report certain command executions such as unlock even when they have been performed at the vehicle.This may become a security issue if the customers believe that the unlock command has not …
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