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Immobilizer Bypass

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  1. GMDLBP - GM Doorlock Alarm & Transponder/Passlock Interface Bypasskit SOLEX
    Data Bus Doorlock Alarm & GM Passkey/Passlock Interface: Lock/Unlock, Driver's Priority Unlock, Trunk/Hatch, OEM Security Arm/Disarm, Door trigger Output (-) & Override the 2nd /3rd generation GM Passkey3 Transponder Immobilizer & Passlock 2 Immobilizer via data bus. NKR-No Key Required. Formerly 6 separate kits required to do what the GMDL-BP can do with one.
  2. PKCH1 - Chrysler Gen1 RF transponder bypass Bypasskit
    Transponder bypass for most Chrysler vehicles built prior to 2004. The PKCH1 module supports RF immobilizer bypass without having to give up one of the original key.
  3. RFLCH - RFloop for GEN 1 Chrysler Bypasskit XPARTS
    Preloaded RF immobilizer ring for most chrysler vehicles built prior to 2004.
  4. RFLKIA2 - RFloop for KIA Bypasskit XPARTS
    Preloaded RF immobilizer ring for Kia Amanti from 2004 to 2007.
  5. RFLMIT3 - RFloop for Mitsubishi Bypasskit XPARTS
    Preloaded RF immobilizer ring for most Mitsubishi vehicles from 2004 to 2008.
  6. RFLUB - Universal RFLoop Bypasskit XPARTS
    Universal RF immobilizer ring to be used with any pre-programmed transponder pellet
  7. XK06 - Programmable Platform#06: GM Override Interface XpressKit SOLEX
    XK06 programmable Immobilizer Data Override Interface preloaded with upgradeable firmware (PKG7). Compatible with GM Hybrid Passlock Passkey immobilizer systems like that used on 2004-07 Chevrolet Malibu's. XK06 temporarily overrides the factory immobilizer when remote starting while maintaining the integrity of the manufacturer's anti-theft system when remote start is not in use. *Programmable firmwares available that cover all GM Passlock, Passkey, PASSkey3+, and ION type immobilizers.
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