RFLCHGM - RFloop for GEN 2 Chrysler & GM PK3+ Immobilizer keys


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Bypasskit XPARTS Preloaded RF immobilizer ring for most chrysler vehicles built after 2004 as well as GM vehicles equipped with the PK3+. Upgrade your XK09, DBALL or DLPK to a full combo on GM PK3+ CAN type models.
UPC: 093207063725
Package Weight:  0.03 kg
0.06 lb
Package Measurements (LxWxH):  11.00 x 5.00 x 1.00 mm
0.43 x 0.20 x 0.04"


<p>PKT3 override on General Motors, single wire CAN type vehicles such as the 2010 Chevy Tahoe offer a unique challenge for remote start installations.&nbsp; The reason is that in order to override the key we must keep the ignition module active at all times including when the vehicle is not running which creates a higher than normal power consumption on the vehicle's battery.<br>&nbsp;<br>This method for override on these vehicles is somewhat unconventional and requires that the barrel stay powered in order to retain the last immobilizer challenge response in the memory. By resetting the barrel (Power off) it will erase the last memory and not start by remote until it’s relearned on next key start.<br>&nbsp;<br>The impact of keeping the barrel powered at all times is 30~50ma in addition to the already 70ma from the remote starter and 10~20 from the interface which may result in premature battery failure over the course of time.<br>&nbsp;<br>So if you’re currently using a module to perform data override on GM SW CAN type vehicles you should be cautioned that you may have come backs when the weather gets cold and these vehicles get a little older. Meaning that every year the battery capacity decreases and as the weather dips the constant drain on the battery will eventually cause it to fail.<br>&nbsp;<br>If the vehicle is verified by a GM tech he will determine there is an open collector at the barrel which is a direct result of the override module and will end up in a claim. </p><p>Best way to mitigate the risk of customer come backs and costly claims?&nbsp; Use the patented RFLCHGM RFLOOP solutions with any one the compatible modules such as the DBALL, XK09 or DLPK.<br></p>

What is included?

(1) Pre-wired 2nd Gen Chrysler&GM PASSKEY3+ RFID Transponder and antenna ring.
(1) Installation guide